Monday, 20 January 2014

2014 here I come...

2014 is looking exciting so far. I am currently lying on the sofa, half-watching Winter Watch, waiting for the potatoes to boil.

I feel like I ought to be celebrating in some way, given that only a few hours ago I handed over the first 14 recipes of my third book to my editor. But, I'm too tired and I have a cold, so an early night and a sofa supper seem celebration enough.

And, while I'm in the partying mood, I thought I'd update my readers (Hi Mum!) on some news...

I feel like I have only just finished my second book. Largely, because I have only just finished my second book. It's called Deliciously Vintage and will be out in March - just in time for Mother's Day. It's a collection of old fashioned and old favourite bakes, with recipes inspired by my travels, as well as my Granny's kitchen table. You can pre-order it from Amazon or, you know, other places where you can buy books too.

Now that's all done and dusted, I am getting on with recipe-testing for my third book. It's another baking number, but with a twist, and will be out in the Autumn. More news when I'm allowed to share it.

Two books out in one year? No wonder I'm nodding off before 9pm...


  1. Hi Victoria, I just found your recipe for sticky toffee cake which looks great and am thinking of using it for my daughter's wedding cake, but can you tell me if I could add a few chopped apples to it - the request originally was for a" sticky toffee apple cake"? Thanks for your help.

  2. Hello Victoria. My daughter has asked me to make a sticky toffee apple cake for her wedding, and I wondered if I could adapt your lovely toffee cake recipe by adding n a few diced apple chunks? Would it need any extra baking powder, or should I dross the apple chinks in flour before adding them? Your advice wld be much appreciated as I am getting to the panic stage, only two weeks to go. And could the cake freeze easily? Thanks v much for your help.

    1. Hi Elaine, I think you could certainly try to adapt this recipe, but, perhaps better still, in my book is a recipe for Apple and Calvados Cake with Toffee Apple Buttercream, which is tried and tested and gives the quantities for different sized tins at the back of the book. Best of luck with your daughter's wedding cake. I am sure it will be delicious whatever you decide to do!