Friday, 7 May 2010

Election Cakes (iv) - Popcorn caramel cake

The polling stations have closed and the counting has commenced. It's exciting, nerve-wracking stuff. This is the final installment of my election cake countdown and it's the turn of The Liberal Democrats to make their cake and eat it. I don't know if you've noticed (you must have noticed, unless you are colour blind or shamefully unobservant), but I've tried to make the cake itself and not just the colour of its icing resemble the party colours, and this cake is no exception. On thinking of yellow things, the things that first sprang to mind were lemons and bananas. Too obvious. Especially given the Lib Dem's sudden and exciting power march forward as worthy and noticed contenders. Their surprising leap into the public's consciousness deserves a cake equally as attention-grabbing.
I made this cake up today. In theory, it's a salty sweet yellow slice of heaven. It's currently in the oven, and may well turn out to be a disaster, but I'm letting you in on an early trial run. If it's a masterpiece, I'll post the recipe tonight. If, on the other hand, I've got carried away with too many free-from ideas, not properly thought through, I will modify the recipe until it works as well as I am certain it deserves to and let you know. So, here it is, the last cake in my 2010 election specials is Popcorn Caramel Cake, a gluten- and nut-free sweetcorn cake (all of which may well change for future revisions) with caramel buttercream and salted caramel popcorn. You'll have to wait a few hours yet to hear the final results of the election, and most probably a few hours more than that to hear the final results of my Lib Dem cake. Let's hope all goes to plan. Here goes yellow...

Popcorn Caramel Cake

Recipe to follow...

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