Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Welcome cake lovers!

I specialise in bespoke cakes made to fit the unique personalities, styles and tastes of my clients. I have a huge range of flavours that I add to on an almost weekly basis; dreaming up exciting flavour combinations, trialling them in my kitchen, and making them available for clients to choose from on my cake flavour list. I believe strongly that fantastic-tasting cakes can only be made using the very best ingredients. Powdered egg, cake mixes or added preservatives to increase shelf life are all definite no-no’s that will never have a place in my kitchen.

In this blog, I’d like to offer you some hints and tips about choosing your perfect celebration cake and share with you some delicious recipes and beautiful photographs, as well as to let you in on some trade secrets along the way. Enjoy!


  1. So far so good - the blog is looking great. Do I get any free samples for being the first to comment?

    Steve T from Hackney

  2. Thanks Steve. There may well be cake-eating opportunities for loyal blog followers in the future...